Part & Full Rewiring in East London

Part & Full Rewiring in East London

Part & Full Rewiring in East London

At Lloyd Hallowell Electrics, we are a professional electrical team based in London, taking on part and full rewirings in the properties throughout the local areas. Our electricians are all qualified and certified specialists, which ensures all of our electrical rewires are complete with optimum safety and accuracy, no matter how big or small the rewiring service may be.

All electrical installations are powered through durable, quality wiring, which ensures a safe supply of electricity whenever in use. Unfortunately, with time, this wiring is susceptible to deterioration, which can lead to major issues if left unreplaced. With this, at Lloyd Hallowell Electrics, we strongly emphasise the importance of undergoing a full electrical rewiring every 25 years maximum to ensure an electrically safe environment is maintained.

We understand some property owners may require a rewiring service for reasons other than to replace old wiring, and may only need to partially rewire specified areas of their home. In these cases, our team offer a part rewiring service in order to adapt our part rewiring services to suit the needs of the property specifically. Partial rewirings are often required for layout alterations as well as other construction projects such as loft conversions, extensions, renovations and more.

In order to ensure all of your rewiring needs are met, our team will plan your service alongside you, allowing us to discuss the intricate details of your part or full rewiring with you, prior to the work beginning. During this planning process, we will also provide you with the option to add, remove or reposition sockets, outlets and more, in order to make the rooms within your home as practical as possible for you.

Safety is a priority of ours at Lloyd Hallowell Electrics, and with this, we ensure all health and safety regulations are adhered to from start to finish of our electrical rewirings. This means that when choosing to undergo your rewiring service with our electricians, you can be sure that your property and electrical wiring will be in safe hands from the moment we enter to the moment we leave.

Give us a call today on 07464786086 for any additional information regarding our electrical rewires and to book your part or full rewiring service with our team at Lloyd Hallowell Electrics.

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Part & Full Rewiring in East London

How it all works - Our process

Step 1

Contact our team

Contact our experienced electrical team and we will be glad to help you with any questions you may have.

Step 2

Receive a quote and start date

We will provide you with a quote and a date for one of our team to come and visit you.

Step 3

We will solve your problem

Our team are highly qualified and will always provide a solution to any electrical problem you might have.

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